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Wastage of Research Data

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It is assumed that huge amount of research data is wasted every year. This happens in every part of the world. But what actually constitutes wastage of research data is not clear. Similarly, the volume of research data wasted every year is unknown. This is because there is no known measurement for wastage of research data.

So, what is wastage of research data? When can we say a research data is wasted? How do we know that it is wasted? How research data gets wasted? How can we measure how much (of a) research data is wasted in a defined period of time? What is the cost of wastage of research data? We all know that little attempts have been made to answer these questions.

This is an excellent area for further exploration. The evidence from such exploration would help in preventing wastage of research data and/or mitigating the impacts…

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Why doesn’t (x+y) ^2 equal x^2+y^2 ? [Great way to demonstrate exponential growth in a simple way!] – re-post from Quora

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Answer by Viktor Toth:

Others provided you with the algebra and explained that exponentiation does not distribute over addition, but here is a way to think about this in terms of geometry:

This is a square with sides that have lengths of x+y. Clearly, the area of the square is (x + y)^2. But it is also equal to the sum of the areas of the shapes inside: A square with area x^2, another square with area y^2, and two rectangles, with area xy. The total comes to x^2 + y^2 + 2xy.

For these four areas research is not needed

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For these four research is not needed.

Interesting Poster Featuring 6 Presentation Skills You Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Wistia’s Guide to Understanding Audience Retention

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How to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your video by breaking down its analytics.


It would be interesting to measure the attention span related to poster presentation.  The eye-catching composition seen from a distance – the yes/no attraction of the title (is it clear, am I interested in the topic) – following the presentation (IMRAD, central message etc.).  Posters are often given split-second attention as people pass down the rows & rows of a poster session.  Firstly the audience has to be attracted, and then you have to retain their attention & stimulate dialogue … it’s not so easy as just presenting a ‘pretty picture’  😉

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Data vs creativity? Data should be a huge tool in the ongoing fight against mediocrity

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“Is creativity under threat from marketing’s increasing obsession with data?”I just don’t get the basis of this…


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Why Academics Stink at Writing—and How to Fix It

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There’s a decent chance you’ve read Steven Pinker’s provocative essay on why scholarly prose tends to be so convoluted. (More than 100,000 people have already done so.) But you can probably think of a colleague, a grad student, or a friend who could use a little straight talk on the subject.

That’s why we’ve printed a booklet, downloadable below, that’s designed to be shared. In it, Pinker diagnoses what ails academic writing, and then four experts offer advice on potential cures. Downloading is simple: Just fill out this form and the booklet is all yours.


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