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April 15, 2013

Poster Presentation

Rowe, N., Ilic, D., 2011.  Poster Presentations : a visual medium for academic & scientific meetings  In: Journal of Paediatric Respiratory Reviews, Vol. 12, Issue 3, Pages 208-213  [This article is posted for academic interest only – please cite appropriately & do not distribute]

This is an initial article on general poster compilation.  It is unusually ‘visual’ for a journal article (all thanks to the journals editorial team), & discusses colour, fonts, images etC, IN colour, different fonts etC.  The representations are as you would commonly find them used in poster presentations, so if you are thinking of putting a poster together, this may be helpful.


Academic poster presentations are used as a medium of knowledge transfer by a wide range of health professional groups.  Posters also provide a means of publication for academic and professional contributors.  Posters are designed to give a visual representation of an issue that firstly attracts attention, and then conveys an intended message.  Whilst the poster medium has become adopted into the publication orthodoxy of the scientific and academic communities, there are acknowledged limitations regarding the depth of knowledge transfer, issues of compilation and production, and the related viewer conception.  If treated as a standalone medium, the limitations of a two-dimensional, page limited format may not provide the ideal opportunity to deliver the depth of information required within the academic context.  Despite these limitations however, the continued use of posters is justified when supported by author presentation or multi-media resources. This paper aims to provide an overview of the current concept and practicality of academic poster publications.  It also outlines by example, some of the wider principles of poster compilation and presentation, for use by those who may utilise the medium at academic and scientific meetings.

April 15, 2013

People are interested !!

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Being new to blogging, I worried that this would simply come over as a ‘vanity post’.  However, on April 11th there were 9 ‘views’ !

This might not sound much, but most people only find sites like this with deliberate search terms, so there are perhaps some ‘Like’ (pardon the social media pun) -minded people out there !

April 12, 2013

Are people interested in poster presentation …

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I just had a look at my profile where some of my published stuff is listed (with some items available to view).  Of the 22 documents listed (36% of which are on posters), there have been @ 668 views since @ 2011.  60% of these have been the poster items, with viewers from every continent.  Not only countries like UK, USA and Europe, but also places we have less interaction with, such as Iran, Iraq, Philippines, China & Taiwan, Algeria, Ghana, Bahamas and many more.  Now I have no idea if my clinical or educational writing is of less interest to readers than the poster themes, but given that most items are ‘hit’ by search engine using ‘poster’ type enquiry, then someone out there is interested (even if little old me is all they end up with).

The point is, that posters are designed to help disseminate knowledge, but often, it is only a handful of conference delegates who will actually see the work.  Academia and science goes on in many places beyond the tip of our nose, so how can we best engage with those who may be interested in our topic, but who we may never meet.  We can publish in journals, but potential readers may not have subscription rights.  Also, a ‘poster paper’ is often restricted to the conference or event where it was presented, so how do we make sure our work does not die a sad and lonely death ?

Free commons, repositories, blogs  … ‘digital scholarship’ has increased our potential to reach wider audiences, so we really should be looking to make the most of the opportunities that IT affords us.  Hopefully, this blog will involve more than ‘little old me’ & open up a forum for discussion & display of all things ‘poster’ .

April 11, 2013

Raison d’être …

Hi, & welcome to this part of my blog on Academic & Scientific posters.

I am Nick Rowe, an independent academic writer and editor (  I guess this idea started as a reaction to the popularity of posters in the academic and scientific community, and especially in the conference setting.  Literally millions of $ are spent each year on creating posters for the purpose of disseminating knowledge and facilitating visually assisted dialogue, yet there is very little out there, in terms of analysis and opinion which relates to the topic.  Hopefully, I can start to post blogs (blog virgin!) about the topic and the stuff that comes to mind when we consider posters as an accepted medium of communication.

I will post some of my work on the subject, together with examples, links, video and other things which may be of interest.  Likewise (& I’m not sure how this works), I hope people post / send comments and their own materials, so we can share & grow our knowledge.

As a quick background to how this started:  I was at a conference in 2008 in Taormina, Italy.  I had put a poster together titled: ‘Existentialism In Evidence-Based Practice : How consideration and inclusion of the inter-professional NHS workforce can improve the teaching & implementation of evidence-based practice’.  It was my first academic poster & had colour, graphs, pseudo-equations, pictures, philosophy, inclusion …. in fact, I was sure it had everything !  Day 1 of the conference and I took my place beside my masterpiece, and … watched people pass by.  In four days and with @ 250 delegates, I guess I must have spoken to 8 people who were genuinely interested enough to stop and strike up a conversation.  Ok, I was competing with coffee, food and many more people who were undoubtedly far more interesting than me, but I got to thinking that much more could (& should) be done with the poster medium.

So, there it was, the beginnings of an interest that has caused me to write and lecture on the topic and bend the ear of anyone who has a shared interest.  Time has moved on rapidly since then and there are many advances in technology that could really help this popular medium achieve its goals, so hopefully we will get some input from a range of people on the subject.

As the blog progresses (& I learn how to link, upload etc.), I hope that the site will develop to have a fully searchable range of topic-related pages for people to read and engage with.  Wish me luck !


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