Infographics Science: The Surprising Way The Brain Processes Visuals

Based on how the brain deciphers complex visual information, designers can understand the scientific basis behind best the practices for infographics.


Peripheral vision is Not a good thing when you want the audience to concentrate on a new part of your slide away from the draw of older (already presented) screen parts and from you. Visually, these “old” parts are still attractive. You want to reduce their attraction. If these old parts are not necessary to understand the new part, you should remove them (PowerPoint disappear exit). If they are necessary, you should cover them with a translucent overlay to lower their eye-catching power to a level under that of the new part.

Research has also shown that eyes rarely return to the part of a slide which has been fully understood, the same way you no longer re-read the text you have already read in a sentence. You could use this fact to build the equivalent of a visual sentence, one visual element at a time, in sequence, from left to right. I have used this technique successfully in many presentations.

Oh, by the way, when you want the audience to look at your slide, stop gesticulating on the side of the screen because you are now the distracting object in the peripheral vision of the audience. Use your voice to emphasize – it is center screen! When you want to audience to focus back on you, gesture or pause silently, or show a black slide, press the B-Key, blur the whole screen, or if the large screen towers over the stage, move stage center.

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