Aegean Conferences: 12th Innate Immunity Conference

Tthe 12th Annual International Innate Immunity Conference will be held at the Avra Hotel in Chania, Greece , from June 19-24, 2015. The Conference is under the sponsorship of Aegean Conferences (, a non-profit educational organization promoting science through focused scientific conferences (please visit and click on News, on the top right hand corner, for meeting reports  of previous Aegean Conferences.

The topics to be covered during the next meeting are:

·  Evolution of innate immune systems

·  Structural biology

·  Host-microbe interactions

·  Pattern-recognition receptors

·  Crosstalk pathways in innate immunity

·  Interactions with adaptive immunity

·  Inflammation and pathophysiology

·  Therapeutic applications


The purpose of the 12th Innate Immunity is to bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss their latest findings on the various aspects of Innate Immunity. The specific topics include:  Evolution of the innate immune system,  Host-microbe interactions, Interactions with adaptive immunity, Pathophysiology-Inflammation, Structural biology, and Therapeutic applications. Abstracts are invited from the international community for all these topics. The scientific sessions will convene in the mornings and early afternoons and will include lectures by invited speakers, as well as talks and poster presentations selected from submitted abstracts. The conference has limited participation and a scientific and social program that will maximize scientific interchange. In order to encourage the participation of young scientists, the Aegean Conferences is offering Trainee Travel Awards to offset a portion of the travel expenses to the Conference. The Conference Organizing Committee will select the Award recipients based on the scientific merit of abstracts submitted by applicants.


See on & Scientific) Poster Presentation


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