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As Meredith mentioned last week, she, Craig, and I are counting down the days until we head out to sunny California for an academic conference. I am really looking forward to above-zero temperatures. I am rather less …


"The joys of poster presentation"

You mentioned the elephant-in-the-room !  There are more posters than any other type of conference presentation.  They are undertaken in huge amounts, costing millions of $ around the world.  We present up to date Rc on topics of interest, but …

Few people stop & really engage – we compete with lunch, coffee etc – we have to ‘ply our trade’ (sorry to mention ‘trade’) – we ‘advertise’ but get a second rate ‘publication’ to put on the CV & all our carefully crafted efforts are condensed into a 300 word abstract in proceedings …

I have written on poster presentation since @2008 & am doing a PhD on the subject (someone has to be interested in the elephant-in-the-room).  My concern is that whilst we want to disseminate findings, engage & network with others, publish, raise our profile in the field etc, posters (as they currently work) do not help much in any of these areas … but we paradoxically still use them as our #1 conference platform.  I am trawling the world literature (in 20 languages) & hope to be able to show what we identify as our motivations for poster presentation,

Let me know if this topic is of interest to you (or anyone else reading the blog): nrowe(at)   ….  not exactly the Serengeti, but someone has to live up here  🙂

See on & Scientific) Poster Presentation


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